Sentimental Ornamentation at Fed Galleries, Kendall College of Art and Design

Curated by Michele Bosak, Sentimental Ornamentation brings together historical artifacts of Victorian mourning and contemporary art and design that draws in some way from those objects and customs. I'm honored to have several funeral clothes and hair pieces included alongside works by Elizabeth HeyertNene HumphreyAnya KivarkisYuni Kim LangTim PowersJonathan WahlMarcel Wanders, and Renée Zettle-Sterling

Among my favorites are several small plaques that appear to be intarsia woodwork, but are made with hair, arranged to resemble the faceted surface of gemstones — a clever reference to mourning jewelry made of hair[...]This reconsideration of its place as precious object or art object make these pieces of particular interest in this exhibit.
— Tamara Helen, cultured.GR

Through April 8th, more information here