"Marked Urgent" in the Observer and Huffington Post

Ground Floor Gallery's pop-up show benefiting the Committee to Protect Journalists got some terrific press over the weekend! The piece I made for the show, "Editorialized," is featured in the coverage.

From the Observer:

While the call stated that artists could submit existing works and works in-progress, some, like New York-based artist Spencer Merolla, took the opportunity to make something entirely new and different. Merolla’s cut and sewn copy of the New York Times features a big black swatch of fabric in place of the paper’s main image, adorned with antique lace and hanging thread. The artist describes the piece as “my editorializing—the emotional experience of reading the day’s news grafted back on to the paper itself.” Add to this the fact that the Times has frequently been the subject of President Trump’s negative commentary about the media.

Read the Huffington Post piece here and the full text of the Observer article here.  Thanks to Ground Floor co-founders Krista Saunders Scenna and Jill Benson for putting this show together!