Scent Reliquaries
a work in progress


Preserving the smells of those loved and lost.

A familiar smell is a potent salve to a wounded heart. But smell is unrecordable; once it fades, it's gone. Memories, though seemingly easier to fix in our minds, are vulnerable to errors. Hermetically sealed in borosilicate glass, a piece of fabric that bears the smell of your lost loved one is preserved forever.

One for you to keep, one for the collection.

Participating is free. Upon receipt of your fabric, I will cut it in two pieces and seal each in a glass enclosure. I’ll mail one of them back to you, and the other will become part of the scent reliquary project. As with the funeral clothes project, your contribution will be anonymous and known only to you.


Does it have to be someone who died? Can it be a breakup?